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i had changed my blog since last month...


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not dead yet

hey hey hey...
recently, nowadays, currently, few days, weeks...is being crazy, Crazy, and CRAZY with those stupid HOMEWORK but also practice...Merci...i don't have any tuition at all, but my free time had fully booked with a lot annoying things, just talk about the WEEK holidays, 6am wake-having breakfast-8am practice-12pm lunch time-1pm practice-4 or 5 pm bath thn 6pm dinner-7pm Practice-11pm Finally finished...but is time to BATH & EAT again... SH*T...camp in school especially with the C.O is killing me & driving me crazy...some more, really feel strange with them...i can't avoid anythings happen...

till then...i miss my dearest S.O family. I love them & i heart them :), there wasn't any stress to live with them, we spend our time around the MCD always...we laugh, HAM, sleep, eat, bath, ETC together...

Bla Bla Bla...
die with chemis work now...

will been updated SOON*

Kay i'm still alive...i mean my BLOG*


The Angel Family???

just now really scared me, it just so worst when i am alone at home suddenly the lights were blinking and blow out...but the near by houses still shine as you could imagined, so why i am the unlucky one?
it was just so horror and helpless...i am crying while finding phone number to call up for a help or maybe an accompany, but they are such a busy body, tuition, dinner, gone and bla bla bla...but when i felt hopeless, there was a call coming...DUH~and i keep asking why will like that and started cry again=.=lll...his dad say maybe is the suis problem, it has burn out=.=...duh...

lazy say too much about the conversation...conclusion is...however we are stranger to each other, but the family are kind, sweet, care, cute and many, till they want come for fetch me...ah duh...just as my dear ebone mui say the angel family...hahax...they really so friendly, as my isabel popo told me...

oh yes...i met a great friend ^^



2 cube of sugar
2 bar of chocolate

it's about 3 months




i hate fever



The Sport Days had finished ( finally i got my time to update my blog ), after that just went center and warisan with loi loi, ebone and stpeh for no reason, doing nothing there except EAT and walk around the buliding. i am not tired at all thats why acting crazy woman being there, jump here jump there...


whatever, i met a person today. he just same as him, the coolest person...i admit that i owez talk such weird and crazy thing or maybe nothing ( no point ), coz i scare the conversation will being cold and colder, or maybe i am too HIGH, full of batte, crazy, talk active and bla bla bla...but sometimes i am quite too...however, i really scare and hate those people who owez oOoOoOo, haha, lol ... it just colding down...i know really nothing can reply me, just tell me straightly please...if not i'm just like a Crazy, Funny, Idiot, Foolish, Stupid, Annoy, person at there...haiz...

yeap, i am a weird person, please leave far a way from me if you are OooOooO person...its really hurt me this abnormal, i knew i am a childish and annoying person who owez think too much...i just trying hardly to change myself to become an OoOoO person...

its really so hard to talk with talkless person or maybe sure stranger...
really tired

to those my friends who get chicken pox, red eyes and cough...please take care of yourself, don't over tired...
the weather doesn't great...



for more information~
please visit~


We are the single...we din celebrates with any guy=.=SURE...but i think somebody wasn't...we din receive any bear bear or rose or chocolates, but don't know someone inside us really din???we just walk around there and keep sawing couple & ( couple shirt ), rosses, bear, man woman, girl boy, walk around there...how lonely???jealous???nononono...don't think so... cause i still got them, and single SO GOOD...hahahax-.- ( too fat & ugly no human want actually )

Charlotte, Yvonne, Doris...stick together today, for the celebrating, 3P~ AH MEH...i got my fo and my lao-.-, yvonne is my lau & doris is my fo, i am a man and also a woman...is it fun???i can protect them and them also can protect me...HAHAHAX, it's just a joke, please don't trust it, we aren't Lesbian-.- we are Normal...


1st, me and yvonne went center from school, and she just bought a Valentine present???sure not for me, is for someone...T.T so bad...hahax, then when doris called we just went back center...actually today my aim is to watch Shopoholic...but i don't know why still not yet show up, so we just bought the what Bejaminb=.=...but at the last we din't watch it...NO MOOD!!!( the movie 3 hours )

story began at WARISAN SUSHI KING!!!!!
we sit at there and wait our food for an HOUR!!!!!++++...and those stuff just keep saying...Tunggu Sekejap saya pigir check dulu, mereka sedang masak sudah Tunggu Sekejap, nanti saya check dulu Tunggu Sekejap, makanan ini memang tak ada Tunggu Sekejap tukar makanan kamu, Tunggu Sekejap, Sekejap Kau Punya Kepala larh-.-, KAMI TUNGGU SAMPAI MAU JALAN, U LAGI TUNGGU SEKEJAP DI SANA, SUDAH MASAK???JANGAN TIPU lAH, KAU INI-.-...at the 1+hour later the more bigger 1 said give us 10% discount=.= ( better give 50% la...10% just the service charge-.- sure no need give, your service just like a snail, how should we give you...ADUHAI~ ), after 1 and the half hour, finally we had finished our LUCH, that time already 3.30pm+=.=...SHIT our movie had started 40 mins ago plz...so we din't watched-.-

ANTI!!!!SUSHI KING IN SABAH!!!! ( the 1bornio also same -.- )

Still waiting de Doris-.-

look down

sweet couple beside her & the couple shirt~
( their food come faster than our 1=.= )

the bowl was BIG but the Wu Dong was little-.-

finally i am eating-.-


colding down...

No face See d~

the ticket-.-wasted~

after that went for taking photo sticker***and dance dance mechien***kill Death Human???

me and my lau yvonne



and we also went Chen Ren Qu-.-lllso shy o X.X red face red ear d...saw many those things, finally i got an idea for the Birthday Present for my liang moi papa Sebestion~


Yvonne is going find her Friend at yoyo~give the Friend present and just thorw her lau and fo~
yai yai o-.-
we 2 suami and bini just nothing to do, went nguikee~and doris bought a sleeping pant???

the time was free~we are SS+ing-.-


it seems we are nothing to do...so we decide went 1 Bornio-.-with the Free Bus~
tambah gambar-gambar

see my eyes~i din't sleep

Uncle Desmond~Guess what Plane Is This???i mean Brand to~keke


reached there and start lepak~
Unluckily we wait the return bus ticket for 30 mins---, terrible waiting of the day again...i hate waiting, & why we are waiting???it just because the stuff was talking phone with her someone...if i'm the boss i sure goreng her sotong-.-


do you feel its just like our home???keep playing there...camewhore-.-
i just bought a pants...FAT LARH ME~they 2 force me wear short pants...but i am auntie leh~
T.T been bully again...in the Valentine Day

its time to back again-.-8.30pm~but i still not Lepak Enuff

we reached warisan again about 9pm~wating for my parents to fetch us back~...those restaurent are full of couple...haiz~so sweet...i want faint d~

the car come about 9.30+pm~( cause my dad,mum went for celebrating Valentine at Sutera again...with Uncle Tsen and his wife, Uncle Kong anf his wife...3 couple-.-old old old )...hear my mum said the foods of the day were SOSOSOSOSO NICE...!!!how come she tell me, so jealous=.=i want more sushi, but i can't bite it and also lam chop...


we reached home but there were not current, valentines day~the couple sure will know the candle except Roman, it is usefull too...

so i decide went damai-.-EAT...but so hard to EAT...i hate my Braces~

Cha Kueh Tiao without meat~i can't bite-.-

i meet many friends, schoolmates,classmates, humans who i know, humans who i saw before, a lots of couple i know, a lots of couples i don't know...
luckily and finally i know who is SEN LIN and i meet him too~ah wong' lao gong-.-...so sweet hor~

sorry my english was so CACAT today, owez la~i am the Lazy Worm~i Lazy Type~I Lazy Edit~i Lazy Think