went dinner with dad, mum & bro~

i guess u all never heard i got a brother before, actually is brothers, big brother aged 38 this year & small brother aged 28. Actually i also got a little cute niece named Joey, aged 4 this year...hahax...till then, i should shut up & keep my family secret off at here...bler=p

The Cutest Girl In This World~my little cute Joey

lets go back to the Dinner time~

i keep annoying " go Ocean go Ocean, Ocean got Open " , well as my dad, he wont listen to me because he & mom have to become a week of vegetarian for this CNY week ( Buddhist ), so my brother suggest to go that don't know what restaurant near Beverlyhills there, but apologize that it din't open for CNY, suggest to May Flower, dad say too many Human Being, after that he just drive & keep finding, suddenly i think about Gaya also not bad, just turn around and we going there. on the way bro say bring us to the Xin Jiang restaurant in K.K, dad turn around again then went there. Ihad been there before, it just opposite the Wisma Mederka & the India store? ( coz i heard India song as loud as u can't imagin that night )...

The Shop...with The Song

They 2 just eat the VEGE...the fried LA-MIAN is in vegitable style~
i taste the sauce was sweet =) I LIKE IT, i called up the other plate but got Duck=.=

FOOD~actually still got 2 plates=.=

Son giving a lecture to his dad?=.=

mom & daughter camwhore here~

i had eaten quite many that night, sure i am a fatty lady, the lady boss also admire me that i can eat a lot=.=lalala~

The Free Hing Hwa Soya Sauce, CNY gift...

SS human being~

long long time din't act cute~muahahax!!!



just now 8+pm did u watch RTM 1??? got me inside but just a few of sec=.=~...our leader Joshua Teh Long leg, of coz he is my son to, had a big head in the TV who was playing violin, my daughter & grandaughter yee kee, hui ling & crystall also not bad bha...but pity YAO hui ling & Alvin, less see them however just the few sec...

by the way~

why din't saw Ah Pink ???that day i saw him talk MANY at there bha...Ah meh~pity pity~NO TV FACE

( so sad, forgot to capture down the TV show, i must find it out, & post it up!!! gambateh Charlotte Poulain=.=SSS )


The Day They Went 1 B

the day...don't know is when, i din't follow them...so SAD T.T

Tittle :


Type :


Place :

1 Bornio :

Character :

Nicole ( my daughter ) - womanly
Joshua ( my son ) - chopstick

Director / Camera Man :

Stephen ( my son ) - ah girl

They 2


Even Da Pink also ask us is it them SEDANG PAK TOK?

Crazy Human Being

here we are~

Brand Old K.K.S.O Crazy Human Being~
cello group VS 2nd violin~

Tittle :

K.K.S.O Human

Type :

Crazy, Comedy, Life, K.K.S.O

Place :

Kian Kok Middle School Field

Character :

Charlotte ( mum / popo ) - love to jump in the video
Stephen ( my son ) - love to act foolish in the video
Yvonne ( my granddaughter / mui ) - love to laugh without any reason in the video
Crystal ( my granddaughter ) - love to run in the video

Director / Camera Man :

Sebestion ( my mom ) - love to help us take a photo or video

Part 1


Part 2


"0 手机学校?"
"0 hand phone school?"

the clearest school bla bla bla, Shhh don't tell Ah Pink, later my mummy give catch than her Lan C w910 will been sold at don't know wich / whose 2nd hand phone shop...



just our 3 only, Mum, Dad, Me

so decided went to Sutera again, Dad lazy to cook, Mum lazy to wash plates, MOU BIAN...
small bro also went friend house to dinner, 年初三 his GF coming from KL, din't eat Pork de...lalalax, i told dad next year CNY eve went Johor, celebrate with Big Bro them & little Joey~

I love to gathering with a big family, I hope new year can back W.M because all my relatives at there, & i can recieve many Ang Pau, but my dad & mum also need gave many Ang Pau, sometimes my dad & mum weren't worth, coz just me recevie the ONYL 1 Ang Pau~ but my relatives them at least also got 2 Children la... Ah meh~ i love to back Sg. Besar~ popo there, coz popo owez cook lot of delicious food, & keep forcing us to eat~ but Happy bha~

here some Funny Photo-.-
actually not so...

New Year New Dress?New Shoes?New Beg?
except the Anna Sui beg from my dad & mum' H.K friend, those i had weared~

The Red Red Dang Long~

Dad & Mum

mum with the Lily...that is water Lily kah?

=.= The SS ah po~
looks Pale White Boh=.=

Happy Chinese 牛 Year~

Finally Chinese New Year 2009~MOO~ had come...the cow also keep forcing me to eat, oh no-.- i fat d, ah meh~

Whatever la~

wish u all a greatest & richest CNY-.-


wheres is my ang pau???


wake up early in the morning...

the lion dance~

ding ding dong dong pong pong qiang qiang-.-
but my mum & dad had gone out~nobody open door to them & i was sleepy that time~
no ang pau~ don't mad worh~

after while-.-

receive many msg, thanks guys din't forget me how ever my speaker had broken, but when i send those greeting msg to some Human Being, they ask back me who am i-.-, sure i am HYY 511, u this Ah Ong~ Ah Chong~ Ah Wu~ Ah Banana~ Ah Tsen~ bla bla bla, how come u all forget me in this CNY T.T so bad~

i am hungry & boring now-.-
no idea want type what certainly, my mental problem is the obstruction make me can't type anything recently-.- obviously, 词穷 = Words Poor~, is the problem, =.=, i am poor in English, even my Chinese also degenerating, OLD LO~

not yet wake bha~
sorry bha Boss~
Happy CNY bha Boss~



Sorry bha~


recently sure the KKMS had reopened~
i am extraordinary =.=
i joined the green house cheerleading -.- just for fun~ had u seen before the pig was dancing at the middle of field...don't miss the chance ya-.-
Monday just had our KKSO 2nd performance at Gaya Street~for the celebrating of CNY~
what a romantic day yar~playing the orchestra music~Getaran Jiwa, Big Land Back Spring, Night of Shanghai~in the rain~ SO FUN-.-
Are More and More recently-.-like a big mountain, like a Chocolate fountain=.=
time is full of Sleepy...
how about Eat~=.=
keep eating by the way 我肥了~

just a simply update~

sorry bha Boss~


School Reopen ( Ghost )

Sorry din update my blog last 2 days...


busy practice, busy sleeping, busy watch tv


i will update tomorrow because school is reopen tomorrow...and i need to sleep...my face full of pimple and my eyes black than panda...

by the way...

time to say good bye with Holiday and welcome back our School Life tomorrow~


i still got a lot of things not yet prepare, such as prepare my book, pencil box, iron my Dutch Lady New Uniform, red beg, school shoes din't wash=.= but it still white...


my heart is prepare to face all the stress =.= because i really the stupid in science but i had choose science stream for my S1,S2 life...hope i can handle it because i want to take account at outside bha XD...(syok sendiri nia)...and i miss u all friens~ tomorrow will sit with Durian head~she help me booking sit because she more early than me arrive school (6.30am)...but me (6.30am) just go from home=.=


Orange had send a link to me...YOUTUBE is about my school (kkms) the back (cemetery)...

no wonder we will heared the same sound at S2B...(like a evil clown laughing)=.=...

but our s.o room also got 2 bha~1 uncle 1 auntie...1 in big room 1 in small room...Stephen Tseu said it...not me~~~~

but this year also weird...what also chaged, class name, class position, and rest time (12.30pm chaged to 1.10pm !!!! i will very very very very HUNGRY that time T.T) =.=...
智仁勇刚仪 (信?) Zhi Ren Yong Gang Yi (Xin?)...i am in S1 Zhi 高一智...No.16...our form teacher is Sherlly...presently our class got 45 students...at 5th floor the 1st class count from middle stage...behine our class is S3 Ren...countinue are S2 Gang, S2 Yong, S2 Ren, S2 Zhi, and girl toilet=.=...

till now...

9.45pm...time to go to bath then go to sleep...

tomorrow jie jie say fetch me go school 6.30am...because he also fetch his bother too...(on my home way)=.=...


see u guys tomorrow~


Ah Yap House



main Character~
Veronica' dad and mum

we all are from K.K.S.O~
Stephen, Nicole, Joshua, Veronica, Charlotte

Doctor Yap, Unknown 14old human, aunties and uncles

***OppS...late again...as usual I am always the latest arrived...I really need sleep=.= 5am 01-01-09 - 1+pm 01-01-09...Stephen' wrong din wake me up and told me they arrive there...bad daughter

went to Veronica house for a party, she had opened a party ( maybe her mom or dad ), but from my opinion, I think that is a Food Party, got Turkey, Roster Chicken, Fish, Curry Chicken, Vegetables, Fried Mee, Rice, lot of Soft Drink and Green Tea+Red Tea+White Tea+Yellow Tea+...( maybe still got other but i am late )...délicieux!!!

Lami ( or what don know the game name )...looks like a Mah-Joong things but like a Card~ A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K ~ 1st time play ( learn from Aunty Yap, Unknown Aunty and a Unknown Human ) ~after~ becoming addicted keep play i think got many round already but i am hungry la=.=

Cho-Da-2...too boring larh...play also no mood=.=

Mr. 38 Lau + Mr. 38 Po...gossip a lot og things today...such as bla bla bla bla...li li lu lu...la la la la...where got true or death Ohhh...( daughter Stephen chage Austrialia Steam Duck )

Phone...2 Nokia VS 4 Sony Ericsson, how do you think???wich is better???hahax...

After few hours...

Aunties and Uncles all back d...
Josh follow Steph car back his house than wait for his dad...
me went to swim after them...
left Nicole and unknown 14old Human...

Here are some Photos for today~

this is call Lami or what ehhh???

Daughter Stephen~

The Jocker looks Pretty & cute=.= yiakssss...

Teh Long Leg~Princesse Salad~Ah Yap~Y kee kee Burger~
camera woman=Stephen

i am the most Blurrr...

no more blurrr~

Doctor Yap~

Ss only de her* peace

Food time...always...***we love food

nothing speaciall~just got my head

Busy Buddy~talking with his Mum*real life

Steph & Veron...

Sleeping Beauty-.-

Take 1-.-Bamboo finger

Take 2...Steph & Char ( daughter & mother )
*** our Chin~look same leh~

i always have a great time with you all~
we laugh together,
we sleep together,
we practice together,
we talk Ham things together-.-...

( today Yvonne din come because her dad dun let***real life )

I want play Getaran Jiwa - P.Ramlee~

going to sleep now, tomorrow need early wake go for practice...Stephen arrvie at 7:30am bha...not bad





Happy new year to my Family~
Happy new year to my Friends~
Happy new year to my Schoolmates~
Happy new year to Everyone~!!!

Muu~Muu~Muu~ Happy Cow Cow year~2009!!! Forget those Unhappy and always remember those Sweet, Crazy, Joyful Memory, don't also forget to Welcome our Happiness New Life~
Happy always Laugh always Peace always

Nouvelle année heureuse 2009~!
Au revoir, tout le monde !
Je serai toujours avec vous!