The Angel Family???

just now really scared me, it just so worst when i am alone at home suddenly the lights were blinking and blow out...but the near by houses still shine as you could imagined, so why i am the unlucky one?
it was just so horror and helpless...i am crying while finding phone number to call up for a help or maybe an accompany, but they are such a busy body, tuition, dinner, gone and bla bla bla...but when i felt hopeless, there was a call coming...DUH~and i keep asking why will like that and started cry again=.=lll...his dad say maybe is the suis problem, it has burn out=.=...duh...

lazy say too much about the conversation...conclusion is...however we are stranger to each other, but the family are kind, sweet, care, cute and many, till they want come for fetch me...ah duh...just as my dear ebone mui say the angel family...hahax...they really so friendly, as my isabel popo told me...

oh yes...i met a great friend ^^

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