The Sport Days had finished ( finally i got my time to update my blog ), after that just went center and warisan with loi loi, ebone and stpeh for no reason, doing nothing there except EAT and walk around the buliding. i am not tired at all thats why acting crazy woman being there, jump here jump there...


whatever, i met a person today. he just same as him, the coolest person...i admit that i owez talk such weird and crazy thing or maybe nothing ( no point ), coz i scare the conversation will being cold and colder, or maybe i am too HIGH, full of batte, crazy, talk active and bla bla bla...but sometimes i am quite too...however, i really scare and hate those people who owez oOoOoOo, haha, lol ... it just colding down...i know really nothing can reply me, just tell me straightly please...if not i'm just like a Crazy, Funny, Idiot, Foolish, Stupid, Annoy, person at there...haiz...

yeap, i am a weird person, please leave far a way from me if you are OooOooO person...its really hurt me this abnormal, i knew i am a childish and annoying person who owez think too much...i just trying hardly to change myself to become an OoOoO person...

its really so hard to talk with talkless person or maybe sure stranger...
really tired

to those my friends who get chicken pox, red eyes and cough...please take care of yourself, don't over tired...
the weather doesn't great...



for more information~
please visit~


We are the single...we din celebrates with any guy=.=SURE...but i think somebody wasn't...we din receive any bear bear or rose or chocolates, but don't know someone inside us really din???we just walk around there and keep sawing couple & ( couple shirt ), rosses, bear, man woman, girl boy, walk around there...how lonely???jealous???nononono...don't think so... cause i still got them, and single SO GOOD...hahahax-.- ( too fat & ugly no human want actually )

Charlotte, Yvonne, Doris...stick together today, for the celebrating, 3P~ AH MEH...i got my fo and my lao-.-, yvonne is my lau & doris is my fo, i am a man and also a woman...is it fun???i can protect them and them also can protect me...HAHAHAX, it's just a joke, please don't trust it, we aren't Lesbian-.- we are Normal...


1st, me and yvonne went center from school, and she just bought a Valentine present???sure not for me, is for someone...T.T so bad...hahax, then when doris called we just went back center...actually today my aim is to watch Shopoholic...but i don't know why still not yet show up, so we just bought the what Bejaminb=.=...but at the last we din't watch it...NO MOOD!!!( the movie 3 hours )

story began at WARISAN SUSHI KING!!!!!
we sit at there and wait our food for an HOUR!!!!!++++...and those stuff just keep saying...Tunggu Sekejap saya pigir check dulu, mereka sedang masak sudah Tunggu Sekejap, nanti saya check dulu Tunggu Sekejap, makanan ini memang tak ada Tunggu Sekejap tukar makanan kamu, Tunggu Sekejap, Sekejap Kau Punya Kepala larh-.-, KAMI TUNGGU SAMPAI MAU JALAN, U LAGI TUNGGU SEKEJAP DI SANA, SUDAH MASAK???JANGAN TIPU lAH, KAU INI-.-...at the 1+hour later the more bigger 1 said give us 10% discount=.= ( better give 50% la...10% just the service charge-.- sure no need give, your service just like a snail, how should we give you...ADUHAI~ ), after 1 and the half hour, finally we had finished our LUCH, that time already 3.30pm+=.=...SHIT our movie had started 40 mins ago plz...so we din't watched-.-

ANTI!!!!SUSHI KING IN SABAH!!!! ( the 1bornio also same -.- )

Still waiting de Doris-.-

look down

sweet couple beside her & the couple shirt~
( their food come faster than our 1=.= )

the bowl was BIG but the Wu Dong was little-.-

finally i am eating-.-


colding down...

No face See d~

the ticket-.-wasted~

after that went for taking photo sticker***and dance dance mechien***kill Death Human???

me and my lau yvonne



and we also went Chen Ren Qu-.-lllso shy o X.X red face red ear d...saw many those things, finally i got an idea for the Birthday Present for my liang moi papa Sebestion~


Yvonne is going find her Friend at yoyo~give the Friend present and just thorw her lau and fo~
yai yai o-.-
we 2 suami and bini just nothing to do, went nguikee~and doris bought a sleeping pant???

the time was free~we are SS+ing-.-


it seems we are nothing to do...so we decide went 1 Bornio-.-with the Free Bus~
tambah gambar-gambar

see my eyes~i din't sleep

Uncle Desmond~Guess what Plane Is This???i mean Brand to~keke


reached there and start lepak~
Unluckily we wait the return bus ticket for 30 mins---, terrible waiting of the day again...i hate waiting, & why we are waiting???it just because the stuff was talking phone with her someone...if i'm the boss i sure goreng her sotong-.-


do you feel its just like our home???keep playing there...camewhore-.-
i just bought a pants...FAT LARH ME~they 2 force me wear short pants...but i am auntie leh~
T.T been bully again...in the Valentine Day

its time to back again-.-8.30pm~but i still not Lepak Enuff

we reached warisan again about 9pm~wating for my parents to fetch us back~...those restaurent are full of couple...haiz~so sweet...i want faint d~

the car come about 9.30+pm~( cause my dad,mum went for celebrating Valentine at Sutera again...with Uncle Tsen and his wife, Uncle Kong anf his wife...3 couple-.-old old old )...hear my mum said the foods of the day were SOSOSOSOSO NICE...!!!how come she tell me, so jealous=.=i want more sushi, but i can't bite it and also lam chop...


we reached home but there were not current, valentines day~the couple sure will know the candle except Roman, it is usefull too...

so i decide went damai-.-EAT...but so hard to EAT...i hate my Braces~

Cha Kueh Tiao without meat~i can't bite-.-

i meet many friends, schoolmates,classmates, humans who i know, humans who i saw before, a lots of couple i know, a lots of couples i don't know...
luckily and finally i know who is SEN LIN and i meet him too~ah wong' lao gong-.-...so sweet hor~

sorry my english was so CACAT today, owez la~i am the Lazy Worm~i Lazy Type~I Lazy Edit~i Lazy Think


i meet my aunties and uncle today! ( younger )

today went out for dinner at Curry Fish Head House with my dad, mum ( but i just ate EGGPLANTS cause the braces )and meet my relatives who were came from Kl for climbing the Mt.KK-.- ( sure my most relatives live in w.m and other places too = so i'm not a SABAHAN-.- )...

how clever and crazy am i???spoke 4 language just now, Chinese, English, Malay and also Tiow Jiu...thx that din ask me to talk some Hakka...( i was too worst in it )...but my Cantonese is better than that how ever i am a Hakka? ah meh~actually most of them are Pure Banana Human ( 2 only gua~ ) the other one just the only one still can speack some chinese & sure hakka...( she said, she love to sing the chinese song, but always need help from friends for the sounding of chinese words, she owez bring the Han Yu Pin Yin to KraOK~ ah meh ) sure, i'm just listening to the conversetion cause i'm too shy to talk with them ( stranger 1st time meet ), just pull up my mouth & keep smilling there ( that was i do the MOST always )...but finally i also talk with the simply and teached them some chinese-.- ( oh gosh~ 厕所~ 车锁匙~ 老人 )...and my another 3 cousins had teached them so Kadazan Language...( dono what KopiSiah...bla bla bla )...oh yea, at the 1st my cousin them had cheat about some of them are Korean-.- ERIC bha...& when i go for sit with them, they just indroduce me as a Miss Taiwan-.-shit larh... our conversation today such and lots about The Funny of Language & Body Language??? bla bla bla...

My dad speaking with his own english-.-

Curry Fish Hear


Teh Tarik bha~

so, fetch them back after the dinner...
tomorrow they gona go to somewhere else near Mt.KK ( Kundasang? Hot Spring? dono larh ) before to climb up~

forget took their pics today, sorry bha all Bosss~but i will meet up them on the Monday, i won't forget to take pics again~ Sad Face X( my

aunties and uncle were so younger ( all 3 are Liang Moi And Liang Zai ), but sure older than me...

can u saw it-.-sorry bha boss,yer why i'm so forgetful~


Suddenly feel want type some Chinese

情人節要到了喔, 就在這個星期六...你將如何度過呢???

其實一個人也蠻不錯的, 雖然有時候是孤單了點, 但總比每天哭哭啼啼都只是為了那 " 男朋友 "...你不悶我也悶死了...還有那甜死人, 蜜死你的甜言蜜語 = 。=

To Be Continue***


Sorry My dear Family~

Sorry Yvonne~
Sorry Sebestion~
Sorry Stephen~
Sorry Wilson~

I put your all plane just now...

since yesterday 10am i din't sleep till 2day...used the whole night to RUSH WITH HOMEWORK-.-about 7, 8 hours but also not yet done...DAMN so many-.-later need do again!!!!

so today i really Beh Tahan Liao~ early back from school XD 10.10am like that, 12pm stared sleep till now just wakeup~

i really want follow you guys, You Know One~
but really too too too sleepy...i really cant open my eyes & just feel want faint...

sorry guys~

Happy Zhap Ngo Mei~^^

later need do homework again T.T


If I can get Taller

Name: Charlotte Poulain
Height: 166cm
Weight: Shhhhhh...keep as Secret , i know i fat d
Wish: getting taller

yesterday there were 3 university men who came from UMS=.= ( School Of Food Science And Nutrition )
they are such a scary, cruel, evil Devil...
only came for measure our class THE ONLY GIRLS' weight, height and FATS just for their assignment and report...and give us 3 BOOKS questionnaire to fill it up,***( some question like do you think how was your body shape as like?, what the most fast food do you love?
oooooh my~that were our Girls Top Secret Pleasssssse...CNY also not yet pass sure everyone is gaining weight....

Xhit Larh~

keep shouting there Unfair CNY also not yet pass, how come so cruel to measure our Weight...finally turn me to stand on the horror, ruthless,badly weighing scale, i want my mummy T.T is too scary to face up with my weight now...I REALLY FAT D, 2kgT.T...stand at there just like stand at the top of MT.KK...

the Man still said that :" 肥了leh~."-.- yes,sure, i admit...nothing to say after that LC!!!-.-

but knew i fat since primary school, that wasn't a bad news, it just the reality, so I MUST ON DIET NOW...

Sebestion Mummy please don't feed me with a lots of FOODS please, i doesn't want to fat as YOU~the HUGE mom...-.-

i supose to be a eater of LAP SAP, but now for my body shape i should keep fit-.-
SHIT! we can't waste food larh~
its all for my own good-.-


however, i am more taller than last time now, 164.5cm+1.5cm=166cm...is it so TALL for girl???but i hope i can more taller like a giant so that i can keep bullying all the boys in this worls...MUAHAHAHAHAHX!!!!

i can kick them to the end of the SUN, burn them like Roaster Duck, and EAT THEM...
i can push them into the sea, feed my dear SHARK...
i can throw them to the sky, just like playing ball...

so can i become more taller please???
i really hope to do it=p

i knew i won't get any bf or husband cause i am the Evil Woman~


oh my Kay, got Lau ady Hor~should i type in Chinese so you won't know what am i talking about, hahahax!!!

ah neh neh~

i won't tell our MUMS~

fong sam bha~

Zu Ni Qing Ren Qie Kuai Le~Ferrero~


gono rush with my homeworkS now...

Yee Kee* maybe tomorrow i just can updated Mai Kah picha~hahax, Sorry Lui Lui


how to change???

Shouting with my Broken English

I am Lazy Worm~
I am Sleepy~
I am Tired~
I am Human~
I am Alien~
I am Girl~
I am Fatty~
I am Foolish~
I am Daughter~
I am Grandchild~
I am Happy~
I am Sad~
I am Mad~
I am Poor~
I am Silly~
I am Funny~
I am Crazy~
I am Lover~
I am Sister~
I am Cousin~
I am Ugly~
I am Cute~
I am Boring~
I am Stupid~
I am Lonely~

started changing now, be some classic and improve my English, be some pretty and thin, be some quite and grace, how can i do that???teach me please
it is might be read more, do more, learn more, stress more, think more, look more, save more, sleep less, dream less, lazy less, stop less, cry less...and bla bla bla more bla bla bla less...

give me some suggestion~

Multimedia Club

yesterday went to computer room for the information of the photographing contest.
Teacher Richard said just can edit a little bit such as the Brightness, but better use the Original, and the Student section had been closed, so we may join Open section. Obviously, how can i join it??? I'm not any Pro.photographer, no skill, no better lenses and camera...


I cant double club, S.O + Multimedia, i have no time, teacher Yao said she must SEE me when friday ECA, so why am i choose Multimedia Club, no time=learn nothing, i want learn Photoshop, Design, Photographing Skill, and bla bla bla...Ah Pak Tan ask me go for Damai for learning, but i had no time...

I Give Up...
learn myself...from Youtube~hahax

just forget about it...

i want buy this

Nikon D90~
but i had no money~
just can spend RM2000 for buying camera...
ah meh~
i must save money and work hardly for you~

but now i just using this
Nikon L14, yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~

i started dreaming now...
i want study design or account after this, but now i am sci stream student, funny is it???many people ask why am i go for???the answer is: just for fun and stress...but i am LAZY WORM~

that just my little dream...T.T

Funny is it???


Yesterday' 4th FEB

Tittle: Yvonne Yong Yee En 15old Birthday

Date: 4th of Feb 2008

Place: Kian Kok Middle School

Main Character: Yvonne Yong Y
ee En

K-Leh-Fei: Charlotte, Stephen, Joshua, Wilson, Nicole, Sebestion, Hui Ling, Wendy, Veronica, Big Pink, Yao Yao, Teacher Late

Organizer: K.K.S.O Crazy Family

dear dear mui mui grandlui-lui 15old small Birthday^^

we just lie on her...
conservation somethinf as...

Josh:" later got meeting you must go yarh."
Char:" it is for the welcoming party held on 14th of March."

bla bla bla...

1.10 o'clock

i asked sebestion & steph go blocking yvonne out from the J3 Ren, to avoid her saw us taking the Birthday cake to S.O room...

we just acting...
they keep say OCIBALA at there, & i just rushing the time, climb up & down, finding people...finally i had done, just going up again same as the time they 3 going down, then dear mui asked me why am i walk there walk there, isn't got meeting? i just acting tired & busy=.= ( go take thi
ng )...when the time want reached s.o room...

saw ling zhen mui~

char:" want come with us?"

ling zhen mui:" do what orh?"
char:" just come lorh, do love-.-..."
ling zhen mui:" oh ok..."
char ( thinking )...the tittle welcoming meeting leh~
char:" ya hor u cant come, just can't come...bya bye la =.=lll"

suddenly saw the wilson run down, no match...at the back with the whisper mood + faster speed...told sebetion drag on the time...

sebestion:" yvonne, can you accompany go canteen for buying something?"
then push her to the other way...
yvonne:" why keep go here and go there oh~, not got meeting de meh? later been scold lo~"
sebestion:" please bha..."

they 2 just walk away...i fast run up then waiting for
wilson...we are preparing while pink pink was sawing the dooe ( 看门 )=.=...wilson BACK, but yvoone them also coming, the candle wasn't on fire yet-.-???...brief candle...josh was carring the Birthday cake for her daugther yvonne ( we just lock them at put side ), when josh finally walk infront the door, then we just open & sang

Happy Birthday to you~

Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to Yvonne ( yong yee en ) ( yee en )~
Happy Birthday to you~

Ah meh~
she really been lie~
we all can be the movie star lo...

Happy Barthday-.-Yvonne

The Birthday Girl~

The Cake been cutted-.-

stupid sebestion and wilson, simply say out the p
rice of the cake RM42-.-...then just regonise...said again RM12 but its too late to lie...

Yvonne:" where u bought the cake???"
Wilson:" Canteen-.-"
Char:" Tai Sheng there' Bakery"
Yvonne:" Tai Sheng there got Bakery de meh???"



Joshua said got practice warh...lier-.-
force me to stay at s.o room till 5pm, cant back home sleep=.=...neverMind, do homework at there with air-conditionar also not bad, how ever got a little bit noisy, Blue Danue=.=with add math~

oh ya...
my 1st test in SPM add math just get 8/30...sci stream student lorh-.-funny...really LAZY BIG WORM...

just doing nothing =.=


Today 0302


finally i felt sleep in the class while NUR NUR teaching about the Cerpen...LAZY edit...i just like faint at that time, don't know who keep disturbing me and keep CLICKING my hair, oh gosh-.- I HATE YOU...hahax...***heared Kelvin said:" 她睡觉了哦". then that Ah Pak Tan keep annoying there, don't be jealous bha, i know you can't sleep...MUAHAHAHAX!!!***

sit with Joshua really got a little bit crazy, he keep doing something weird and play with my Jacket-.-...Florence complained about they 2 *** Joshua & Polar Bear *** cause too noisy...+ Richard, they three always become into notice of teacher, even me sit at the 2nd row of front, also can't listen what teachers are saying and teaching, die la this time...*** my FAV, drawing Joshua table...such as, Human Drawing... ***

I'm really Boring...

About the cheerleading practice of the day, been cheat-.-lll ( actually is them forget inform Rayner got practice today ) never mind, i was absolutely HAPPY, too sleepy and finaly got time to rest...Unfortunately, they had a body measure for us for the shirt, oh shit I AM FAT, my waistline now was 28 inch-.-, i got a 17inch long body...lalala, obviously eat too much recently ( 5 pack large french fries in the week )...why they want measure it in the 2 days after the CNY, everyone are gaining weight lorh, i think so...hahax...Chinese New Year is the festival for eat-.-


someone going to 15 years old tomorrow...
my dear mui Yvonne...
Happy Birthday~

( actually want buy from Uncle Desmond, but it's too late, cause need 1 week earlier to infrom him-.- )


The cake buy from Uncle Biscuits???Wilson bought it...
Chocolate Vanilla???ah meh~not Chocolate MUSS cake...


Hey...Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan, don't forget my Strawberry Cake worh^^


Thx boss help me downloading the song


Am I Cute?

forget comb coconut~am i pale white?

Not enough sleep really so so UGLY
no sleep=UGLY

hahax... just cut my front hair yesterday, is it changed younger a bit and cuter???

today, really too sleepy in school, tuuuu lah~just know how to talk phone at midnight with human, ask him wake me up but i still lying on my bed, lazy do homework, i win cause i am lazy worm, actually not so many homeworks, not so care la, Science Stream Student warh...Charlotte can die already...
waiting*** Monday practice...i fat again, today in s.o room ate about 2 pack+' KOROPOK, about 1 Large Mcdonald french fries, satu bungkus nasi, 2 keping pizza, dan 5 or 4 fried dumplings^^gaining weight bha...i admit that i am fatty woman-.-...i fat liao o~


ISH***Garry Wong owez bully me...when mopping
really look as like a Maid-.-Fatima or Maria?

sure***i am acting

my pucat face-.-

what a silly pose is it~thats what am i doing always...

Sebestion: Oh my Julia~i so Miss you, why do you stand at upstrairs??
Stephen: Oh my Romeo~i so Miss you too, wait, i am jumping down now...

my lover~


my english so poor, damn poor, i admit. I never said that i am pro in eng...i am a pure chinese lor please who came from Taiwan, I am Taiwanese, My mum is Chinese, My dad is from Hong Kong, i'm not a Banana Girl...thx-.-
so what? doens't mean lower english typing with a broken english, can't play blog? can't share my life?...can't type anything?...this is MINE freedom please, non of your buisness...

know u pro...but u aren't genius...don't be so arrogant...

STEPHEN TSEU...want die huh?